Lego Ninjago Movie – L-Loyd I am your father!

This movie is really funny for kids (and older)!  Some jokes are really good and a special artist (Jackie Chan) is in the movie.  This not exactly as the tv shows but similar except for the “real life” scenes.  If your kid like it, they will love the movie.  Just a bad point, for the battle, they do a “fast speed” and you don’t live the moment (shooting time). The time is good too.

Zane is very funny too!

I think the kids of 8-12 will appreciate it!

A bit Under than the last Lego movie (Batman) so, I give a 7/10!

Daniel Vandelac
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  1. It’s amazing how they can make cute movies for the little ones just based on toys.. Lego being one of them, and there’s Monster Trucks of course and others that escape me..
    In effect, making toys come to life somewhat.

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