Great History of the Black, Panther!

What a good idea for Marvel to bring this new hero in the month of February, month of the History of the black people!  First, the movie is most in a legendary hidden city in Africa.  In Nigeria, a new king follows his father’s steps.

In this movie, it is not only against a big evil but even for the throne of the city.

I really like the scenery, the action and the technology specially for the costume of the Black Panther!

Beautiful points of view and the scenario is really good too!

So the next Marvel Movie is a must seen as the other for all the fans!

Daniel Vandelac
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  1. Excited to watch Black Panther. I love Marvel movies and this is sure to please audiences! Enticed by the previews
    and reviews. Definitely will watch it soon!

  2. Looking forward to seeing it. A great storyline. Have heard and read many great things about the movie. African scenery an added bonus.

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