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    This is the Alien movie we have all been waiting for. Patiently. For years. And years.

    I have a few gripes, sure. The technology in the universe is just all over the place. I get that the original was made in 1979 and they wanted to maintain continuity, but it just didn’t gel very well for me. 1950’s radios, 2000 go pros, futuristic androids? Way too much variation in tech to be believable to me. Of course, tech is my life. It’s what I do.

    Otherwise, without giving spoilers, I can say that this movie really breathed new life into the franchise for me. The politics of the film, from my point of view, seem pretty well distributed and hidden. While I can say that there were some obligatory scenes in it, they were well done and they didn’t make the back of my brain scream out “WHY ARE THERE POLITICS IN MY MOVIE, I JUST WANT TO ENJOY MYSELF”. The story elements were amazing, and at the same time I really feel like they managed to bring back some of the atmosphere and feeling of the first 2 films.

    I give it an 8/10 overall. Maybe an 8.5. Excellent film, I will probably even watch it again.

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