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20th Century Fox, ACA Certification, Aerial Communications Group, Agence Tonik, Allied Integrated Marketing, Annexe Communications, Arnold Paintball, CinemaBox.Ca (Bell Sympatico), Brigitte Chabot Communications, BV! Média, China Lion Film Distribution, Columbia Pictures, Communications Popcorn, Cosmix Library, Crossover Comics Library, CTC Vision Inc., District PR, Elevation Pictures, Entract Films, Festival International Fantasia, Hasbro Canada, Jack of All Trades Clothing, La Boîte à B.D. de Laval, Les Films Seville, LexPR Canada, Maple Pictures, Martin Rego, Media Profile, Métropole Films, Nat Corbeil, Paramount Pictures Canada, Promo Avenue, Remstar Films, Sélection du Reader’s Digest Canada, Sennheiser Canada, Shinn Com. Canada Inc., Shout! Factory, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Sympatico MSN, Teletoon (Astral), Théâtre St-Denis, Touchwood PR, Tri-Star Pictures, TVA Films, Universal Pictures Canada, VVS Films, Walt Disney Home Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures Canada, WHV Canada, Warner Bros. Pictures Canada.


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