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Denis Lalumière founded Cinemaniax on October 6th, 2006. Cinemaniax was created  to celebrate the entertainment industry by informing its subscribers with written up to date posts, audio podcast and video shows, all the while giving the subscribers the ability to escape the world in a variety of posts, filled with imaginative creativity. Cathy Hebert joined the administration in 2012, helping out the structure of the English website and securing the foundation of the team, the communications and the rights to Cinemaniax, by registering Lalumière Hebert Promotions S.E.N.C. in 2015 with Denis Lalumière. Since then, Patrice Picard has taken charge of the Comics division, Sébastien Trottier has taken charge of the Gaming division and Jocelyn Legault helps us with the Music side. Along with many authors who help out by adding the latest news and reviews.


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